Did you know reviews can be bought I?ve bought Tripadvisor reviews in the past. have you seen I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor It does no justice to hard working people around the globe when false malicious often hostile and vindictive reviews are allowed to be published. Trip advisor states it would be inpractical to check reviews, this is detrimental to both guests and hoteliers greedy and unethical Pay for Reviews and more Get Paid for Fake TripAdvisor Reviews 

 Having been on the end of false reviews ,even after presenting evidence to trip advisor , we have decided to dedicate this page to enable people a true perspective , we work very hard at our business and considered closing , having no control on deciet and lies.

St Peters bed and Breakfast is the only bed and breakfast in central sandwich other than Pubs, despite Trip Advisors suggestion there is 13 and we are number 7 it is utter nonsense and misleading , the only reason we are number 7 is because we refuse to pay almost £30 month and the lies on false reviews.

We have the highest review rate in Sandwich from 9.3 You can not leave a review on unless you can prove you have stayed

Our Facilities

  • Credit Card
  • Parking Facilities
  • Golf Course Nearby
  • Family Rooms
  • Internet Services
  • Wifi
  • Bicycle Rent
  • Gay Friendly
  • Luxury
  • Vegetarian
  • Country Retreat